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DFG - Projects

High-speed flexible transistors and circuits based on them

Nanoscopic detection of anisotropic heat transport

Photoprocesses in the innovation of teaching chemistry - PhotoLena

Isotactic Polyfluorene – Monomers, Polymers, Diblockcopolymers

Polymer-wrapped carbon nanotubes for high performance field effect transistors

Tuning the optical and charge-transfer-properties of the electron-accepting phase in polymer solar cell

Near IR sensitilization of polymer / fullerene solar cells: Controlling the morphology and transport in ternary blends

Interface properties and electronic structure of new organic low band gap materials

Hybrid polymer/nanocrystals structures: fabrication and studies of energy transfer, charge generation and transport

Low bandgap dendrimer systems: Synthesis, spectroscopy and microscopy of composite films for photovoltaics

Red, phosphorescent OLEDs: New, bipolar materials, photophysical characterization, charge transport and OLED optimization

Gas–liquid critical behavior of dipolar soft spheres

Inverted solar cells